Building Your Personal Brand

Do you want to know how to be able to stand out from all the businesses and individuals that you’re competing against? Here’s the short, one-word answer – “Risk It for the biscuit!” (in other words, “risk it to get even better rewards!”) But in longer and better words, do things that no one has ever done before so that you stand out from the crowd and form your own personal brand. Think about the biggest companies that have some of the best personal brands – Apple, Nike, NBA, Google, Coca-Cola, Doritos etc Each of these companies have done their fair share of risks to ensure that they stand out and have their own personal brand rather than a copy of another’s. “But what type of risks are there and why should I take them?” I think there are three major reasons and impacts that risks

1. Take Risks to Differentiate Yourself

Big companies are always looking to set themselves apart and stand out, so why shouldn’t other companies do the same? Take Dove for example and their “Real Beauty” Campaign. At the time, it was a major risk to walk away from the physical commercial standard to instead convey the more realistic ‘average’ body types, ethnicities, ages and demographics. During the time, there was no idea if this would blow up and fizzle out or be a major success. But lo and behold! It was a major success and now, ‘real beauty’ is indistinguishable to the Dove brand. While many other beauty care companies were too afraid to take the risk, Dove dived right in and gained a huge advantage due to their bravery and courage!

2. Take Risks to be One Step Ahead

You don’t only take risks with how you market your product, but you can take beneficial risks in the product itself by creating the product for the now and future! The perfect pioneer for the approach is ‘Apple’. If you see the history of the products and the reactions every time they release their brand new devices (like iMacs, iPhones, MacBooks etc), due to their habit to remove something that they believe will no longer be used, to something that will replace it instead. Think about when they removed the CD Drives from MacBooks, changed USB to USB-C, removed headphone jacks from their iPhones. These decisions that once sparked controversy are now no longer given attention but instead, society has caught up to their technology! Apple continues to make products that they know will be useful to their users many years into the future and the users can’t get enough of it!

3. Take Risks to Reach New Heights

Sometimes the right amount of controversy can impact your company for the best. Nike knows this best when they released their Kaepernick ad that did exactly that, spark controversy to the media and to the public. After the controversy that spread around the media, turned many heads and sparked backlash on the company, Nike gained an extra 31% increase in their Sales. This can be a clear example that supports the saying – any exposure, is good exposure. Nike taking the risk was able to make it go further than it ever was before as they continue to rise in their sales ad after ad.   All in all, we see major brands take big risks to keep setting themselves apart from the rest, to stay ahead and reach new heights! So why shouldn’t you? Introducing Augmented Reality (or AR for short)! With the rising and developing technology of AR, there is no reason to why you shouldn’t go ahead and stand out from the crowd by broadening out your market into the world of AR. If you’re interested, check out SnapCard and see what cool things are possible so that you can use this new medium to your advantage! You can try it for youself by clicking here to try SnapCard right now. If you have any other enquiries, please feel free to contact the SnapCard team via email: phone: +62 8180 639 6688 HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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