Business cards has been widely used and a core part of the common business etiquette. It is arguably one of the few business communication tools that has not evolved since it began in the 17th century.

With the recent trend of digital disruption and improvement of Augmented Reality technologies, we see an opportunity to enhance the experience of business cards without losing its benefits. Hence, we developed SnapCard as a solution to revolutionise business cards.

SnapCard started as a singular Android app. Through the positive feedbacks from our early adopters and customers, SnapCard has now grown into a full platform that enhances engagement between individuals for both social and business purposes. SnapCard has developed into a solution that collect and manage contacts. SnapCard is also forming into a sales and marketing tool to showcase business and organisation capabilities.

We are in the journey to continuously improve SnapCard and the potential of Augmented Reality technology to mainstream business.

We believe that if you want to stay ahead of the game, the time is now.

The time is now to modernise the way we engage and market our product and services.
The time is now to adopt technologies into your business.
The time is now to adopt Augmented Reality as a core tool to express your company product and/or services.


Budi Sinaga
Founder of SnapCard