What is DwiDaya?

Established on July 19th, 137, DWIDAYA WORLDWIDE is one of the largest travel agency in Indonesia. And under the brand Dwidayatour, we have more than 60 offices in most of the major cities in Indonesia. In addition, Dwidayatour is among the top ten travel agents for most of the major airlines operating in Indonesia.

How is DwiDaya using SnapCard?

1. AR Selfie Instagram Competition

A competition was held on Instagram to see who could use AR Sefie’s in the best, more creative way. The Winner one a holiday package. This Marketing Campaign helped DwiDaya to engage their prospects and raise brand awareness as participator’s and their circle of friends will visit the page.


2. Virtual Reality Engagement

SnapCard business has integrated with the 360 virtual reality tour from Google to create an experience of viewing popular travel destinations – such as Paris, Sydney, New York – with their own eyes. DwiDaya used VR to engage the public to visit the booths as they pass by through the few shopping malls throughout Indonesia. The level of engagement boosts the DwiDaya brand, and furthermore, creates interests for people as potential customers to DwiDaya.


3. AR Applied Marketing Materials

The physical marketing materials used in the expo can be scanned to view a digital video of the most popular travel destinations that will entice and inspire people to book a trip with DwiDaya. The combination with physical marketing material with the digital promotional video brings the best of both worlds to lead to higher engagement that will increase brand awareness of DwiDaya.



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