AR for Presentation

Augmented Reality adds digital information (videos, images, sounds) to the physical world, thus combining the real environment with fictional. AR apps could be used in our social life, entertainment and business. There are several reasons why you should start using Augmented Reality Business Cards:

Enhance the design

The size of the business card makes you compromise with the design by maintaining design integrity within this limited space. By using AR to your card, you may add more design features which can be entertaining, interactive and amusing.


Adding AR video or images to your business card, you will create a card that is spectacular and futuristic. An animated version of you or your product can pop-out of your business card in a few seconds and quickly provide the customer with a better idea behind your business. What a better advertisement for your company? The effect is impressive, and everyone would be fascinated by it.

Allows interaction

Few people will make an effort to visit your website after seeing it from your business card. However, when they have the opportunity to hover their phone over your Augmented Reality Business Card, interact with your 3d models and open your website with just one click, your business card suddenly becomes your new leading page.

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