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YOIO! You Only Impress Once (part 2)

What would you do if you only have one chance to leave an impression in your meeting? Answer – YOIO!

Welcome to part 2 on how to make your first impression from good to great and from great to even better! If you haven’t read Part 1, do not fret! Read our first part of the series “YOIO! You Only Impress Once“.  Whether we’re going to an interview, a meeting, talking to new friends, and in general, anytime we meet new people, we always want to make the best first impression we can. It’s said that it only takes 7 seconds for the average person to start making judgements on who you are and approximately 60 seconds to judge on what type of person you are. That’s a pretty short window of time if you ask me! These few precious seconds are pretty important in the business world where your first impression can define whether that person will employ you or not. Such crucial moments with so little time. That’s why working, developing and perfecting your first impression for those few moments will totally boost the chance of you nailing that next job! So, here are a few extra “how-tos” you can use to make a top-notch impression when you meet someone for the first time.   

1. Be Different!

If you want to stand out, then you have to show it! It’s kinda meaningless to do what everyone else does and expect a miraculously different result. To expect something better, you have to do it differently to what others do. Heck, even Albert Einstein said it himself, “The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” Who doesn’t want to see results that no one has ever seen before! So next time you are about to approach someone new, go to your next interview, talk at a business meeting, see what everyone else does first, then secondly… do something different! SnapTips!: Don’t know where to start and what to do differently? Why not start in presenting your portfolio through an awesome video quickly flashing through all your cool products and experience. Or even better… take it one step further by presenting your portfolio (whether it’s a picture, video or even 3D model) on your business card using the latest augmented reality technology. AR technology has been improving every year but no one seems to use it for their advantage. So why don’t you take that advantage for yourself? Download SnapCard and take that leap of faith to stand out from the crowd!  

2. Be Prepared (Always!).

Late, Early, On Time for something, it doesn’t matter, we’ve all felt the feeling like we left something behind. Then we waste time checking each item only to feel more panicked and nervous as the clock ticks one second closer to the interview. No one wants to feel unconfident, panicked or nervous and we definitely don’t want to feel it right before a crucial interview or an important meeting. Luckily, we live in a digitized world where people are okay for things to be presented on the ol’ rectangular screen (whether on a phone, laptop, projector etc). That’s why putting all your files into one place instead of many can make you prepared and enter calmly and confidently. That’s why apps like Google Drive, OneDrive and SnapCard help so much! Personally, I’ve been using SnapCard so that people can check out my email, social media, phone number and anything else that they need to contact me all in one app. Isn’t that convenient! Which brings me to my next point…  

3. Be Quick, Easy and Convenient

In this information age, where pages and pages and pages and pages and pages (repeating “pages” to stress the point…) of information surrounding us, it’s so easy to drown in knowledge. With all the confusion, something simple, quick and convenient can catch the eyes of people. By taking one extra step, you’re already able to show that you’re easy to work with and versatile. Don’t know where to start? With all the embellishments given, SnapCard helps by putting all your resumes, portfolios, picture, videos, phone number, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (do I need to go on?) all in one place for you and for someone looking at your profile. Easy right? Quick, Easy and Convenient, that’s what you should aim for.   Did you notice that SnapCard can help with all 3 of these major tips? Just with one app, you can do many things (kinda like a swiss army knife) and watch the results as you see the sparks in the eyes light up with interest. That’s how you can get to the WOW factor and place your name in their “names to remember” or even “person to employ” section in their brain. Using SnapCard, you’ll have lots of features that will get you at the top of the “first-impression” game so that you can show creativity, individuality and innovation wherever and whenever you are. Interested? Try it for free by clicking here to try SnapCard right now.